Google Analytics for Bloggers & Content Publishers

Google Analytics for Bloggers & Content Publishers is the definitive Analytics training manual for bloggers, digital magazines, news tabloids and other content-based websites.

In this complete Google Analytics training volume, R.J. Lewis teaches website owners and marketers the skills and techniques to effectively analyse website performance and readership levels – and how to use the data to improve content and website promotion.

Written in a light-hearted, humorous style, the book is delivered in a workshop-style format – gently easing the reader into Google Analytics fundamentals – before gradually introducing the reader to more advanced and powerful forms of readership analysis.

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Topics Covered

Topics covered in Google Analytics for Bloggers & Content Publishers include:

  • Installing and setting up Google Analytics
  • Preparing your Analytics view for content analysis.
  • The main Google Analytics reports.
  • Creating blogger dashboards.
  • Learning the basic forms of analysis.
  • Understanding the different online channels and how you earn readers from them.
  • Understanding demographic data and acting on it.
  • Tracking valuable reader behaviour.
  • Understanding and analysing readership loyalty and retention.
  • How to more effectively analyse content performance.
  • Labelling article topics and subjects types for more effective analysis.
  • Using audience data to inspire content ideas.
  • Tracking social media and other marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced reader segmentation and analysis.
  • Analysing individual readers.
  • Tracking trolls and other unwanted visitors.
  • Setting up and using Tag Manager.
  • Using the Google Analytics App.

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